What is the schedule?

We have rented two big communal cabins and the lodge (which has a big kitchen) at Eagle River Camp starting Thursday, July 6th, and going through Saturday night, July 8th (checking out on July 9th). Friday, July 7th will be the ritual at approximately 4pm, and we’ll have dinner and some music for dancing after that. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

What is the venue like?

Eagle River is a Methodist camp (think like a boy scout camp or similar). There are a bunch of different sized cabins, a big lodge, and a shared bath-house. There is electricity everywhere, but NO CELL PHONE OR WIFI SERVICE. There is a land-line in the lodge for emergencies. For more on the venue, check out their Facebook page (for the photos especially) and their website.

The venue usually does not allow alcohol. We have an exception, but we must be respectful about this. Specifically, they said, “No beer bottles thrown into the woods!” Not that we would do that! But please, make sure to deeply respect the wild land and leave the camp even better than we find it.

On that note, we are renting the entire campground (yay!) and we are responsible for cleaning up before we leave, so please make sure you reserve some time to sweep your cabin and help clean up the communal areas before you head out.


What should I wear?

For the ritual itself, we’re thinking “fancy but not formal,” i.e. something that will make you feel dressy and like it’s a special occasion without being uncomfortable. Need more ideas? Cutoff khaki shorts with a short-sleeved plaid button up and a bow tie; or your nice jeans, a button up, and a vest/tie; or summer dress (with layers); or favorite hat. Earth tones (forest green, browns, muted reds, etc) would fit right in. (Hunter + Zed will be in jeans.)

Here’s some ideas we think are really cute, & the color palette we’re going for (think forest colors):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Definitely bring things to go hiking or exploring outside — durable pants, layers, raincoat/waterproof jacket. You may even want a hat, scarf, or gloves depending on how cold the weather is and how sensitive you are to the chilly wet-cold of a rainforest.

Shoe-wise, the ground is likely to be wet and at least a little muddy. Feel free to bring your fancy shoes for the indoor (dinner/dancing) part, but you’ll also want some sturdy outdoor shoes for the ritual — and for adventuring around Juneau in general. Highly recommend waterproof, comfortable, durable.  You can always grab a pair of the local signature shoes, XtraTuffs! Comfy and waterproof and a southeast Alaska staple 🙂


What is the food situation like?

We will feed you dinner on July 7th and brunch on July 8th. Yum!

There is a big, beautiful commercial kitchen at Eagle River (and full kitchens in both shared cabins) so please plan to grab groceries on the way in and cook/feed yourself the rest of your stay. The nearest grocery stores are at least 10-15 minute drive away. There will be a few optional meals out-together TBD and we will have some snacks available for you.

Drinks? Alcohol is off-limits at the campground, so please BE DISCREET. We’ll have some wine and cider available at the reception, and a few bottles of harder liquor. And lots of water, of course. If there are specific drinks you desire please grab ‘em.


What will the weather be like?

The Weather Channel has some past averages, but it could kind of always be 50 degrees and raining in Juneau, so be prepared for anything from 45* to 85*. Regardless of the weather, Juneau is in the Tongass national (temperate) rainforest, so it will likely either rain or just have rained, and the ground, trails, and foliage will likely be wet.


Should I rent a car?

Up to you! If you want the most freedom to do your own adventures and make grocery runs, you’ll need a car (the venue is about 20 minutes from the airport, 30 minutes from downtown). We recommend getting together with other folks and splitting one rental. If you’d rather save some $, we can help arrange rides to/from the venue for you, and there will be folks renting cars who you can catch a lift to the grocery store, adventures, etc.


What are the other adventure options with the Rook crew?

If you marked that you were interested in any of the excursions, the trip leader will be in touch with you for logistics. If you want to be proactive or sign up for a trip you didn’t mention in your survey, contact the leader directly. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ADVENTURE DETAILS


What will the ritual be like?

Short! About half an hour. Outdoors, non-traditional, elegant & rustic. We’ll have some chairs for folks who need to sit, but folks who are able to, please stand or cozy up close on a cushion.


Is there a “wedding party”?

No. If you are invited, you are one of our most special people. We’ve asked for various volunteers, though, and we’ll likely ask folks to pitch in here and there if they are available (for setting up, cleaning up, decorating the cabins or lodge — things like that).  

We do have a flower girl and a ring bear, however 🙂


Is there a registry?

We do not expect gifts. Your presence in Juneau is a great present! If you do want to gift something, we’d prefer you not to bring them to Juneau (we’ll have to ship them/fly them back with us).

We asked folks to contribute to airfare or airline miles for guests who need some financial support to attend. That would still be helpful! Email or Paypal Hunter (rowdyferret@gmail.com) to coordinate.

Yes, there is a registry: https://www.blueprintregistry.com/registry/theRooks — there are ways to participate in a “group gift” if you want to pitch a few bucks towards something big and some things you could get on your own.

Cards are welcome <3


What should I pack?

  • If staying at Eagle River:
    • BEDDING  — twin mattresses provided, please bring a sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket. An air mattress or topper would make you more comfy
    • A TOWEL
  • Bug spray & Sunscreen
  • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes, waterproof boots/shoes
  • Rain gear — raincoat, hat, rain pants, boots, depending on how much you want to keep on with your outdoor adventure plans if it’s raining!
  • Comfortable clothes, & layers —  the weather could be anywhere from 45* to 85*
  • One set of “fancy but not formal” clothes for the ritual
  • Fun games, instruments, or outdoor activities.
  • Your dancing shoes!