Artist & activist friends, email Zed at to let us know that you could use some travel assistance. We’d love to have you there.

Folks who have abundance, checks can be mailed to Hunter & Zaedryn, 5111 Telegraph Ave #115, Oakland, CA 94609, or you can email Hunter at to coordinate donating airline miles to help our friends and family get to Juneau.

If there are any extra funds after we help friends attend, we will put them toward a trip ourselves, probably to southeast Asia (place TBD). Handwritten cards are always appreciated if you can’t join us in person!

We do not expect gifts. Your presence in Juneau is a great present! If you do want to gift something, we’d prefer you not to bring them to Juneau (we’ll have to ship them/fly them back with us).

Yes, there is a registry: — there are ways to participate in a “group gift” if you want to pitch a few bucks towards something big and some things you could get on your own.

Cards are welcome <3