Card planting instructions

Card planting instructions

Seed paper planting instructions

Planting seed paper is pretty simple. All you need is your save the date card, some good-quality potting soil, water, and a small flower pot (or section of your garden).

Soak the invitation overnight in some water.

Place the soil in the pot, right to the top. Gently pack the soil, so it’s slightly compressed, but not too hard-packed. Tear up the pre-soaked seed paper, sprinkle on top, and add another thin layer of soil on top of the paper (about one-eighth of an inch).

Give your newly planted seed paper a good soak of water right off the bat. After that, just make sure it’s always moist for at least 4 weeks. This may mean watering it a little bit every day or two, but just enough to maintain that level of moisture.

Just make sure your planted seed paper is in a sunny area, and you should hopefully start seeing some little green sprouts pop up within a few weeks!